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Loire Carafe

Loire Carafe

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A nod to the French wine country, our Loire Carafe was inspired by the traditional wine carafe used for decanting. Featuring a modern shape, this multi-functional carafe, can be used when entertaining to serve both wine and infused water. Its lid fits snug to ensure that herbs, fruit, and ice will stay within the bottle to make for a smooth pour. Perfect for making and serving infused water. Can also be used to decant wine. Stainless steel stopper included. Mouth-blown from recycled glass by artisans in Europe. This is made from recycled glass. Due to the use of recycled glass, dips and bubbles that normally occur in recycled materials may be apparent.

Care Instructions: Hand wash all glass with care or wipe with a soft, damp cotton cloth.

Weight: 1.4 lb Length: 4 inches Width:4 inches Height: 11 inches

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