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Roelinger Pepper Mill

Roelinger Pepper Mill

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A rare experience, fresh every time, on the pepper route In homage to beauty and traditions, this pepper mill was designed by Olivier Roellinger, 3 Michelin Star French Chef celebrated for his expertise in spices and seasonings. Inspired by the Peugeot traditional mill with a handle, this mill is extremely modern and effective. Designer Sylvie Amar created the look. Chocolate-colored wooden body, details inspired by yacht winches, handle, cap and grip in stainless steel. Ultra-precise adjustment of grinding using the notched wheel. Curved drawer in wood to easily collect the freshly-ground pepper without losing any. The Peugeot grinding mechanism naturally comes with a lifetime guarantee. All you need to do is experience the infinite flavors and aromas of the peppers that you select, with a rare sense of enjoyment, continually renewed. 5.12 x 5.12 x 5.12 in.
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